What is the signature play in the history of each NBA franchise?

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NBA (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Every NBA team has a list of the best of times. But which particular play stands as the pinnacle for the respective organizations?

Every NBA team has an unofficial list of their best plays on a year-to-year basis. Comb through them all and make some tough decisions and you get an ultimate list of the greatest plays in a franchise’s history.

Given the nature of the league, where some teams have more championships than others playoff appearances, these plays vary in style and significance. Some can claim a championship-clinching jumper, others an improbable regular season game-winner.

Every franchise, by default, still has a signature play that stands about the rest. It’s the shot, dunk, block, or whatever else representing the pinnacle of joy in the history of their existence.

In attempting to widdle down the answer for each franchise, there were obvious calls like LeBron James‘ Game 7 block or Michael Jordan‘s last shot as a Bull.

In a battle between two equally worthy plays, however, people of different ages with varied opinions will attribute varying levels of gravity. So prepare for such cases in a look back at some of the best the NBA’s extensive vault of plays has to offer.

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