3 takeaways from episodes 5 and 6 of The Last Dance, ESPN’s MJ doc

(Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Allsport)
(Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Allsport) /
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Michael Jordan, MJ doc, The Last Dance (Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Allsport)
Michael Jordan, MJ doc, The Last Dance (Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel/Allsport) /

Michael Jordan may have been winning championships, but not everything about that process was rosy, and episodes five and six of The Last Dance show us why.

Episodes five and six of ESPN’s The Last Dance made their way onto the airwaves. With that, the sports world is now more than halfway through the only source of new basketball content we’ve received in these trying times.

These two hours, in particular, were filled with rich content from Michael Jordan‘s battle with Clyde Drexler to the details of the Dream Team experience to some of the off-court drama that accompanied His Airness.

Film from the 1997-98 season showed a lighter side of MJ drinking beer after the Chicago Bulls won their 60th game of the season and playing games — for money, of course — with security guards.

Unfortunately, the weekly distraction for many began on a somber note with footage recorded by none other than Kobe Bryant making its way onto the screen.

Watching Jordan and his fellow Eastern Conference All-Stars talk about that little Laker boy was entertaining given the Hall of Famer he’d become. One has to wonder if Kobe ever knew of that conversation’s existence.

As the episodes push further through Chicago’s dynasty, the more complexities emerge. Such is the price of recognition and admiration, a cost we are seeing Jordan realize the full severity of with each championship he earns.