Phoenix Suns: Draft prospects for the team to consider

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Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns (Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images)

With the Phoenix Suns setting their sights to the future, it’s easy to see why this 2020 Draft is important. It relies on the Suns finding the last piece.

The NBA Draft is a wonderful time for teams to find their future studs, whether that be at the top of the order, or at the bottom of the list. Most teams have their scouts rummaging around to find the perfect fit for their team, for the future, of course. This statement seems more than perfect for the Phoenix Suns at the moment.

While the draft orders haven’t been decided as of yet, the Suns are likely to obtain a top-10 pick, unless plans change of course. The lottery is something that always produces surprises, typically regarding teams defying their odds and leaping into the top-3. That’s always more than possible for a team like the Suns.

But it’s best to look towards the most possible future for the Suns, that being a projected tenth pick. So who could they consider? GM James Jones has got his plans:

To relay some things from James Jones said, the Suns are looking for a player with the ability to make plays, defend and shoot, interesting.

The only matter of wonder is the position. Who knows? Maybe the Suns could select a Power Forward or a Center. But the suggestion here seems to be that the Suns are gunning for a point guard. Looking for a point guard makes perfect sense, Ricky Rubio isn’t going to play forever.

For the Suns, now is the time to pick their future point guard, with this draft boasting some dynamic names, some of them are lingering in the top-10 and the lottery. It’s sure to say that this draft is very forward heavy, but there are some guards that the Suns can look at.

Let’s dive in and take a look at who the Suns could eventually pick with their possible pick.

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