Sacramento Kings: 3 takeaways from the Buddy Hield situation

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Sacramento Kings (Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images)

Buddy Hield was quite the polarizing topic for Sacramento Kings fans this season. We’ll take a look at three key reasons that has been the case.

Due to the unfortunate events that are currently happening around the globe, it has forced the NBA to put their season on hiatus for the foreseeable future. It is unknown when basketball will return, but if the decision comes that the NBA cancels their season, the Sacramento Kings will conclude it with a record of 28-36 as the 11th seed in the Western Conference.

For the Kings, this outcome will go down as a disappointment. The team had high hopes entering this season as they were on the pursuit to finally break their playoff drought of 14 straight seasons.

There were many reasons why the Kings could not build on the success they had last year, which caused many from the team’s fanbase to point the finger at certain figures. One of the main victims of the blame game was the team’s shooting guard in Buddy Hield.

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For the last few seasons, Hield has been a reliable asset for the Kings in their rebuild, but this season, he took a step back in his development. As Hield took more responsibility as an offensive facilitator, it resulted in a decline in his efficiency to score, take care of the basketball, and defend. All of this happening right after signing a four-year extension with the franchise last October.

As a result of Hield’s struggles, many Kings fans were frustrated with his play and some even threw out the possibility of trading him this upcoming summer. Although the Kings’ shooting guard did take a dip this year and made some questionable decisions off the court with his words, it is ludicrous to give up on him after being such a consistent rock for the franchise the last few years.

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