Second-greatest player in the history of each NBA franchise

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The best player in a franchise’s history gets all the rage around the NBA, but maybe it’s time that No. 2 on those lists get some recognition as well.

Finishing second in any type of competition isn’t something that’s typically praised in today’s society. But when it comes to determining the second-greatest player in a franchise’s history, perspective is of great assistance.

You have certain organizations with so much talent built up over the years that their second-best player would not only top the list on plenty of others but still manage to rank among the greatest individuals of all time.

Different players mean different things to different teams. To the displeasure of some fans, not everything is championship or bust.

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Plenty of the players who appear on this list already get their dues, but not all. Some sit in the shadow of the only person above them.

So while the NBA remains on hold for the foreseeable future, why not take a look back and shed some light on those who might not hold that illustrious top spot awarded to only 30 players but possess a resume that can’t have them too far behind.

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