Brooklyn Nets: Who will be traded for a third star, LeVert or Allen?

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Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
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With the Brooklyn Nets no doubt on the hunt for a third star, which of their young core will be deemed most expendable via trade?

When the Brooklyn Nets made their big splash last June in signing the trio of perennial All-Stars: Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and DeAndre Jordan–their team was thought of as complete.

But if we’ve learned anything from watching this up-and-down Nets season, it’s the opposite.

Point guard Irving came out and told the media, quite frankly, that the team will be looking to make additions in the offseason back after a January loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. What was thought of as a championship roster has displayed glaring issues in its inaugural season.

Now to their credit, Brooklyn has yet to see Durant take the floor–a Herculean level change that will turn the Nets into championship threats from jump. But when taking into account Irving’s health and the not so graceful aging of Jordan’s game, it’s clear they need some help.

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Yet their high team salary and room in cap space will prevent any offseason addition to be made via free agency. No, if the Nets are going to find help for Irving and Durant, it’ll have to be via trade.

That being said, Brooklyn’s most attractive trade assets are two youth cornerstones, big man Jarrett Allen, and combo guard Caris LeVert. It’ll take moving one, if not both of them to secure a third star level talent to play next to Irving and Durant.

Who’s the most expendable youth for the Nets? Which has the most upside via trade?