3 silver linings to a lost Washington Wizards season

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Washington Wizards (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

It hasn’t been a great season for the Washington Wizards. We’ll take a look at three silver linings that provide hope for the team come next season.

From the Bradley Beal trade-or-no-trade saga to the mountain of injuries they’ve suffered throughout the course of the season, all the way down to John Wall not making his return after all: 2019-20 has been a tough year for the Washington Wizards.

Headed into the NBA’s hiatus, forced by the coronavirus pandemic, they stood as the Eastern Conference ninth seed with a 24-40 record. Washington’s playoff push had seemingly fallen just short, and head coach Scott Brooks was shifting his lineups towards a more youth-friendly rotation as the organization prepares for the future.

Guys like Moritz Wagner, Thomas Bryant, and Jerome Robinson were seeing larger roles. The Wizards went 4-6 in their last 10 before the break, sealing their fate in the playoff picture.

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Now, it’s possible that the NBA could resume play. Some reports suggest a return could begin as soon as May, or June, or could wait as long as July. But the one thing all parties are agreeing on is that the most likely result is a jump straight to playoffs.

Meaning yes, the Washington Wizards will be excluded for the third time in seven seasons. Still, for as long as this year has been for the Wizards and their fans, there have been some great moments as well. We’ll take a look at three silver linings to a season that’s all but lost for Washington.

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