Orlando Magic: 3 worst things from season so far

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Orlando Magic

(Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

The Orlando Magic did not have the kind of season they wanted, failing to build on the successes of last season in several key areas.

After ending the 2018-19 season on such a high note by making it back to the playoffs, the Orlando Magic came into this season in a better place than they’d been in years. They brought back their core, as well as getting Markelle Fultz on the court, and the belief was that they could build on that postseason appearance.

While we may never know how the Magic would have ultimately gotten on as a result of the season grinding to a halt, there is no doubt that the first half of their campaign did not go to plan. Just before the All-Star break, they had begun figuring things out, like last season, but the plan was always to be better than that, not repeat the heroics of the year before.

Looking back though, it’s clear there were many factors at play that led to the Magic establishing themselves at the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference, but never threatening to do any more than that. Some of these problems were their fault, while several others were beyond their control.

If the season as we know it is now over, however, then the organization needs to make sure that it does not allow the same thing to happen next season. The only issue there is that they are locked into this core as a result of re-signing Nikola Vucevic to a four year, $100 million deal last summer. Barring a major trade, this is the roster they have, so they will have to figure this out from within.

We have already examined how it was not all doom and gloom for the franchise throughout the season, and when you look at where they came from in the last decade, their trajectory is still encouraging. We can’t kid ourselves, however, with the following being the three worst things about the season so far for the Magic.

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