Los Angeles Lakers: 3 best things from the season so far

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Los Angeles Lakers

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a near-perfect 2019-20 campaign so far, with many things to highlight from this team effort.

A league without the Los Angeles Lakers being contenders just doesn’t seem right. Whether you’re a Lakers fan or not, fans of all ages have gotten used to seeing purple-and-gold dominate the league.

Even though the last Lakers championship was 10 years ago, it somehow feels like it’s been centuries. During those years, LA suffered endless drama and tanking for draft picks, ultimately leading to the degeneration of the franchise.

This was until a guy called LeBron James showed up and started turning things around with the help of his very capable teammates.

Before the NBA’s hiatus, the Lakers had a 49-14 record, good enough for first in the Western Conference and second in the league overall. They seemed like true contenders and one could even make a case for them being title favorites.

Whereas it is still unsure when the 2019-20 NBA season will resume, one thing is certain. The Lakers and all their rivals will have a few weeks off to mentally prepare themselves for the postseason which might occur this summer.

As this team has been nothing short of spectacular, here are the most outstanding things one can draw from the Lakers season so far.

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