Half Man Half Amazing: Looking back at the best moments of Vince Carter’s career

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Vince Carter (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Amid strange circumstances, Vince Carter’s career may be over. At the end of such a long career, it is time to look back at some legendary moments.

One of the additional consequences of the current suspension of the NBA season is how this affects players nearing the end of their careers. Vince Carter was facing down the end of what was supposed to be his final season and now that is completely up in the air.

If this is the end for Carter, now is a great time to look back at a memorable career. Vince Carter has been a household for longer than many NBA fans have been alive. Being the first player to play in four different decades is astounding enough as it is. When you look back at the highlights and moments that would earn you the nickname “Half Man Half Amazing” Carter becomes a legend unto himself.

Carter played for eight franchises during his career and offered memorable moments at every stop. He is the new-age type of Hall of Famer that does not have a substantial post season resume but is undoubtedly deserving. For many years he was one of the faces of the league and then transitioned almost-seamlessly into being the veteran presence and helping to mold the next generation of the NBA. While other players of his era ring-chased or retired early, Carter continued to give back for the love of the game.

While he was polarizing at times near the end of his Toronto Raptors run, Vince Carter does not have a shortage of wonderful moments either. We will start in Toronto, where he helped put the franchise on the map.

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