10 NBA player/jersey combos that just don’t look right

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NBA (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

There are a lot of different player/jersey combinations throughout NBA history, but not every one of them is easy on the eyes.

The old saying reads something along the lines of how the NBA is a business. It’s why few players across league history are lucky enough to claim just a single team as their own no matter the talent they possess.

Some choose to sign elsewhere in free agency. The more disgruntled types switch teams after asking for a trade. Others have a trade forced upon them without warning.

99 percent of the time, the jersey change is an interesting spectacle that brings out curiosity before reality sets in and the world continues to spin.

That one percent is traditionally reserved for those whose legacy is tied ever so tightly to a particular organization, to the point where their name and number sewed on the back of any other jersey borders on fiction.

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This here is a list of 10 such players, but more exist depending on your comfort level around change.

They are the player/jersey combinations you see on the street when you never thought you would, the type that can only be purchased on those off-brand websites that ship from who-knows-where.

You know these players for their efforts in particular colors. To see them in drastically different threads is something one never truly adjusts to but must come to the harsh conclusion nonetheless.

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