Chicago Bulls: 3 post All-Star break hopes to finish the season

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Chicago Bulls
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The Chicago Bulls are finishing a disappointing first half of the 2019-20 season. What can we expect in the second half of the campaign?

Let’s face it, the Chicago Bulls aren’t good. It wouldn’t take much to figure that out anyway, either by looking at the standings, box scores or just watching the overall body language of the team as they slump on the bench during one of their patented second-half meltdowns.

It’s easy to blame injuries – there have been plenty of them – but every team deals with them. It’s a favorite excuse of a Bulls front office still smarting from Derrick Rose‘s torn ACL, which   happened in 2012.  Still, it’s not an irrelevant conversation.

Chicago has lost 71 games to injury between Otto Porter Jr., Wendell Carter Jr., Lauri Markkanen and Kris Dunn. To put it lightly, there are very few teams that lose their entire starting frontcourt to injury and a key frontcourt reserve and expect to have success.

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This roster simply wasn’t built to withstand this many injuries. Combine that with the front office’s misfiring in free agency last summer again and here we are. Thaddeus Young hasn’t been a great fit, Luke Kornet is only now seeing playing time due to the injury bug and Tomas Satoranksy has been solid but not overly special.

In short, besides Zach LaVine‘s All-Star worthy offensive display, the Chicago Bulls have been tough to watch this season. Is there anything to suggest there will be anything worth watching the rest of the way?

Here are three things to hope for from the Bulls the rest of the way.