New York Knicks: A trade proposal for Karl-Anthony Towns

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New York Knicks

Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

Recent speculation suggests that the New York Knicks are monitoring Karl-Anthony To wns’ situation for a potential trade in the future.

The New York Knicks, after winning two games in a row, are on pace to contend for an NBA championship. As a result, they are targeting Karl-Anthony Towns to boost their chances.

Boy, would it be nice if the first one was true.

Luckily for Knicks fans, even though contending seems to be far…far away, it has been rumored lately, that the Knicks appear to be keen on a clear NBA superstar. After failing to land a single one in free agency, acquiring one via trade seems to be an intriguing option for the organization.

When it comes to Karl-Anthony Towns, the young superstar appears to be disgruntled with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Their inability to correctly rebuild a team, an ongoing attempt since 2004, has ultimately led Towns to rethink his future with the team.

That only seems fair. Towns is arguably a top-10 player in the league without even hitting his prime yet. You can’t blame him if he wants to avoid an Anthony Davis-type situation and move on sooner than The Brow.

As the NBA world gets set for a wild trade deadline day, the New York Knicks might find themselves at the top of the headlines. The question is, will it be due to a successful day, or as a result of yet another organizational failure?

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