Miami Heat rumors: 3 trade targets for sought-after final piece

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Miami Heat

Miami Heat (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

The Miami Heat have at least 3 targets they could try to acquire before the deadline. Let’s evaluate some players and their fit with Miami.

The Miami Heat — currently second in the Eastern Conference after finishing their first half with a 29-12 record — are reportedly looking for ways to improve their roster.

The Heat’s success so far this season has been quite surprising, as the consensus was that this team would amount to a second-round playoff exit at best. Miami has blown those estimations out of the water. They’ve been one of the best teams so far this season, ranking seventh in offensive rating and 13th in defensive rating.

A conference finals appearance isn’t out of the question for the Heat.

Still, the Heat are far from perfect. The team’s defense has been lackluster lately and it’s uncertain if they have enough firepower to go far in the playoffs. In response, the front office is looking for trade packages to improve the team.

One player constantly being discussed for trades is Chris Paul, but for several reasons, Miami should not pursue a trade for him.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe reported that the team feels it is one player away and are looking to find the right player.

They are one player away from being really dangerous. They know. They are looking, sources say. A lot of speculation about the Heat — and other teams — has centered around Jrue Holiday. He’s good. The Pelicans may opt to keep him and push for the No. 8 seed. (This is what suitors expect as of now — which could of course change.)

There’s reason to believe Miami should make a big move, but it’s tough considering how promising their young players have been this season. Giving up some (or even just one) of them for an older player that might not improve the team that much doesn’t sound like a good move.

It’s not like the Heat youngsters are only showing promise for their age, many of them are legitimately productive, starter-level players.

Let’s examine the three players Miami reportedly has an interest in to see if it’s worth trading for them.

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