Which NBA players could replicate Damian Lillard’s 2014 All-Star Saturday Night?

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NBA Chicago Bulls Zach LaVine

Chicago Bulls Zach LaVine (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)

Damian Lillard had a full plate on Saturday night of All-Star Weekend in 2014. Are there any current NBA pros who could do the same?

The Saturday night festivities at the yearly NBA All-Star Weekend showcases a trio of niche skill sets from players around the league both popular and not so much.

There has rarely been any overlap between even two of the contests because rarely has there been a player with a legitimate chance to compete for multiple victories.

Capable perimeter ballhandlers — and now unicorn-like big men — participate in the skills challenge. Dead-eye snipers try their luck in the 3-point contest. And high-flyers of all shapes and sizes try their luck in the dunk contest.

Those strict lanes merged in February 2014 when Damian Lillard challenged for the trifecta down in New Orleans. He walked away winner of the skills challenge only, but the mere attempt was admirable and a recognition of his All-Star level talent.

So, with recent leaks and reports coming out about possible candidates for the upcoming 2020 festivities in Chicago, why not drum up a few candidates who seem more than capable of succeeding Lillard’s unique display.

At a time when players are simply pitted together in a bracket challenge, the skills contest more than ever has come down to a final shot that develops into a simple game of knockout, opening up the potential playing field to the most basic of ballhandlers.

And where more players are doing more things on the court than ever before, finding a combination of perimeter prowess and athletic grace shouldn’t be that hard either.

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