Boston Celtics: 3 bold predictions for 2019-20 NBA season

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(Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Every year there are players, teams and coaches who surpass expectations, the Boston Celtics should be no different. How or why is the intriguing part.

Heading into the 2019-20 NBA season, the Boston Celtics will be hoping to see growth from their young stars. Brad Stevens will want to ensure the team represents itself better than last year, and Danny Ainge will be watching his latest draft picks develop with a keen eye.

Speculation is rife throughout the off-season. Who can get better? Who will fail? Questions coming in a constant flurry without any real substance. That is behind us now though, the season is now drawing near.

Everyone on the Celtics roster should feel like they have something to prove after last season’s mess, regardless if they are a new addition or a returning player. Boston fans expect success, its part of the cities DNA.

Trying to remain realistic about a player’s or team’s success is difficult when fandom is involved. Usually, the love and grandeur of a team skew the perception of unrealistic proportions.

So in keeping with this theme, here are three of my bold predictions for the Boston Celtics heading into the new season.

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