NBA: Who is the best duo from each franchise’s history

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The NBA’s history is littered with dynamic duos who led their teams to both regular season and playoff success. These are the best for each team.

The whirlwind circus that was the 2019 NBA offseason saw a number of the league’s best players join forces to create what could be some of the most fearsome duos in league history.

With Kawhi Leonard and Paul George linking up with the LA Clippers to rival their co-tenant Los Angeles Lakers rivals LeBron James and Anthony Davis, not to mention James Harden’s reunion with Russell Westbrook and the other incumbent tandems, the tradition of star players combining their talents to chase a championship will continue for at least another season.

Despite the recent hand-wringing over the rise of “superteams” and stars teaming up with one another, this has been a key feature of most good NBA teams. In a sport where the best players have a more seismic impact on the final score than the elite baseball, football (outside of the quarterback), and hockey players do in theirs, stockpiling your roster with as many top players within the confines of the salary cap is the surest path to on-court success.

So it should surprise no one that most of the NBA championship teams have been headlined by at least two superstar players or, at the very least, one superstar and a reliable second-tier star. Heck, two stars is often a prerequisite for a team to be in the championship conversation. It’s the Occam’s Razor of team building.

Whether it was a pair of all-time greats to a couple of flawed all-stars, every team has put together some sort of productive twosome that has carried them to varying levels of success. But which ones stood out above the others? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out.

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