Los Angeles Lakers: 3 takeaways from 2019 NBA offseason

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Los Angeles Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers had an active offseason remaking a roster that disappointed last season. What are the takeaways from the 2019 NBA offseason?

The Los Angeles Lakers kicked off a busy 2019 NBA offseason with a superstar trade, throwing nearly every asset they had into a massive three-team blockbuster to add star forward Anthony Davis and clear the cap space to add around him.

This was a move the team had been fighting to make since the trade deadline months earlier, but the man running the front office in Los Angeles (and New Orleans for that matter) had to change before things could move forward.

The trade was agreed to in early June and consummated in early July.

That opened up a window for the Lakers to add a third star to play alongside LeBron James and Davis, but they were unable to land one as stars mostly paired up elsewhere or returned home.

They pivoted to adding role players around the two, including recent NBA champion Danny Green and consummate teammate Jared Dudley. DeMarcus Cousins represents the upside among their signings.

There is no question the Lakers have a different outlook than they had this time last season, but what exactly should it be? A busy offseason has resulted in a very new roster, not to mention a new top decision maker and an entirely new coaching staff.

What should fans take away from the Lakers’ moves this summer?

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