Boston Celtics: Looking deeper into the rookies after Summer League

(Photo by Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)
(Photo by Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images) /
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Grant Williams

At 6’7″, 22nd overall pick Grant Williams is an undersized big man, but this does not stop him from impacting the game in a plethora of ways. Strong down low, Williams was able to use post-ups to his advantage in college and this carried into Summer League quite well.

Couple this with his solid screens all over the court and intelligent play-making, he becomes a joy to watch.

A player clearly only interested in winning, he  took 15 3-point shots throughout his 37-game college season hitting at a 32 percent clip.

He began shooting the 3-ball at an increased rate over his five Summer League games, shooting the 3 ball 19 times and hitting seven of them for a 36.8 percent success rate.

This indicates a change in playing style is not far from the front of his mind, Williams is smart enough to understand he will struggle to impact the game from the post regularly in the NBA.

An increase of almost three 3-point attempts per game in Summer League displays his willingness to evolve.

Over 37 games in his final college season, Williams was involved as the finisher in 602 offensive possessions in which he scored 689 points. This equates to 16.2 offensive play opportunities per game, expect a sharp decrease in these opportunities at the next level.

Impressive at finishing when cutting to the basket, a willing offensive rebounder  and above average roll man out of the pick and roll.

There will be minutes available for Williams from Day 1, if he can continue to hit the 3 at an increased rate and display intelligence in dribble hand-offs and passing out of the block expect him to solidify his role in the second unit for the coming season.