Chicago Bulls: 3 takeaways from 2019 NBA offseason

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Chicago Bulls
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The Chicago Bulls have enjoyed a seemingly successful offseason so far. Here are three takeaways from this summer’s action.

By all accounts, the Chicago Bulls have had an impressive summer. Coming off a 22-60 season, the franchise was in desperate need of some positives. So far, it looks like maybe some good things might be blowing their way in the Windy City.

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Though the ping pong balls at the NBA Lottery didn’t bounce them to the top spot of the NBA Draft, they still managed to fill a gaping hole at point guard and found themselves a potential steal in the second round to help with frontcourt depth.

Instead of blindly chasing after the latest hometown reclamation project or aging superstar free agent, the Bulls front office actually stayed committed to a plan. They actually didn’t overspend on an ill-fitting and thus far disappointing player coming off a serious injury.

If we’re willing to criticize a front office for their questionable moves, it’s only fair to compliment them when necessary.

This summer, the combination of John Paxson and Gar Forman locked in on sensible targets, reeled them in and filled weak spots on the roster with savvy veterans and under-the-radar talent.

The offseason is an opportunity for organizations and fans alike to recharge their batteries and reset their expectations for the coming season. For the Bulls, the goal should be the playoffs, and with the recent acquisitions, hope is swirling in Chicago.

Here are three takeaways on the Chicago Bulls offseason and what it all means for the 2019-20 campaign.