2019 NBA free agency tracker: Grades for every deal so far

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Wilson Chandler: 1 year, $2.6 million (Brooklyn Nets)

To clarify, this isn’t a bad deal for the Brooklyn Nets. A little wing depth never hurts given the way the modern NBA plays, and Wilson Chandler can occupy multiple positions on the floor. With Kevin Durant essentially redshirting the 2019-20 season, Ill Will can fill a secondary or tertiary wing role on this team.

With that being said, Chandler hasn’t been an impactful player for a few years now. To be fair, he was coming off an injury during his putrid 15-game stint with the Los Angeles Clippers last year, but he wasn’t much of a positive for the Philadelphia 76ers either, apart from his 39 percent shooting from beyond the arc.

Expecting that kind of long range efficiency would be a stretch (pun intended) given he’s only a career 34.3 percent shooter from downtown, but if he can defend multiple positions and fill Brooklyn’s holes as needed, he’ll help a team with ever-expanding aspirations. Just don’t expect too much, even on a veteran minimum contract.

Grade: C+