Los Angeles Lakers: Realistic predictions for 2019 NBA free agency

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3. At least one former LeBron teammate is signed

We all know how much sway LeBron carries when it comes to personnel decisions. He practically ran the show in Cleveland, and there’s no doubt he’s capable of pulling strings to some extent in Los Angeles. Expect to see more evidence of this when 2019 NBA free agency begins.

We’ve already heard plenty of chatter about that exact thing happening in the coming weeks. The latest is that J.R. Smith could come to Los Angeles, bringing plus shooting skills and poor game awareness with him. We’ve also heard rumblings of a potential Kyle Korver deal, or a Carmelo Anthony signing (not a former teammate, but a banana boat buddy).

Where there’s smoke, there’s bound to be fire.

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That’s why we’re predicting at least one of James’ former teammates will be donning the purple and gold in 2019-20. Maybe it’ll be Smith. Maybe it’ll be Korver. It could be another unexpected former sidekick who wants to chase a ring while playing in the King’s shadow. Anything is possible.

LeBron loves to help his NBA friends prosper. With Davis now in town, it’ll be even easier to convince them to ink a veteran minimum contract with Los Angeles.