Los Angeles Lakers: Realistic predictions for 2019 NBA free agency

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Anything is possible for the Los Angeles Lakers during 2019 NBA free agency, but let’s temper expectations to avoid utter disappointment when all is said and done.

In just a few days, we’ll find out if all of the work the Los Angeles Lakers have been doing this offseason will pay off. It’s been a long, agonizing last couple of months for the team’s faithful followers, but 2019 NBA free agency could turn things around in a hurry.

It’s already been an offseason to remember for the Lakers. Between Magic Johnson‘s abrupt departure, moving up at No. 4 in the NBA Draft Lottery and the Anthony Davis blockbuster trade, it’s certainly been eventful. At this point, though, how much more excitement can we really expect? The fun has to end eventually, right?

That’s why, in reality, it’s probably best to temper expectations ahead of June 30 — when the madness officially gets under way. Yes, the Lakers have enough cap space to sign a max contract star. Yes, they’ve got Davis and LeBron James to lure in other top talent. That, however, doesn’t guarantee that Rob Pelinka and company will be able to pull off the complete overnight turnaround.

All of this begs the question: What can we realistically expect to see from the Lakers during 2019 NBA free agency? Well, as luck would have it, that’s the exact question we’re here to answer.

So strap in and prepare yourself for what will surely be a wild ride. Rumors will fly, plenty of money will be spent and hearts will be broken. When the dust finally settles, don’t be surprised if the Lakers fail to land the big fish they’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for.

Like them or not, here are three realistic predictions for the Lakers’ 2019 free agency.