Los Angeles Lakers: 3 former LeBron James teammates to target in free agency

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1. Danny Green

LeBron has had a lot of teammates in his 16 pro seasons. One thing that’s surprising is how many of his former teammates are either retired or out of the NBA.

That could be used as evidence to support allegations from either side of the LeBron polarization wars, but I would argue it’s really a testament to the King’s longevity and sustained greatness.

Not one of LeBron’s Cleveland teammates from his rookie year is still in the league. Only one of his teammates from his final season with the Miami Heat (Udonis Haslem) is still in the league, and that was only five years ago.

Meanwhile, LeBron isn’t just still playing, but he’s still arguably the best player in the world.

One of LeBron’s oldest teammates who is still playing and still thriving is Danny Green.

The 32-year-old shooting guard was a rookie with the Cavs in 2009-10. Green went on to face LeBron twice in the NBA Finals with the San Antonio Spurs, and he just helped the Toronto Raptors win a championship this season.

Green shot 45.5 percent from 3-point range last season on his way to averaging 10.3 points per game. His 2.9 defensive win shares ranked fifth on the Raptors, but would’ve tied JaVale McGee for the Lakers’ team lead.

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He would be the ideal role player for the Lakers, fitting the “3-and-D” mold. Green could start or come off the bench. He knows his strengths and limitations, and he could contribute immensely without getting in the way of LeBron, Anthony Davis and whoever else L.A. might bring in.