Atlanta Hawks: 5 bargain bin targets in 2019 NBA free agency

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4. Terry Rozier

This scenario hinges on two things: the Boston Celtics renouncing Terry Rozier, which seems likely as they plan to make as much space as possible for Kemba Walker, and whether Rozier wants to come off the bench.

Yes, “Scary Terry” is coming off of a season where the only thing scary about him was his ghastly numbers — particularly his 9.0 points and 2.9 assists per game averages with a 50.1 true shooting percentage and a 12.9 PER. But his performances in the 2018 NBA Playoffs are still relatively fresh in most people’s minds. Besides, he’ll probably get a mulligan for enduring a full season with Kyrie Irving.

Chances are, some dumb team will throw a ton of money at Rozier — like the Phoenix Suns, or the New York Knicks — but if he’s still without a team once the first wave of free agents gets snatched up, the Hawks should consider signing him.

Look, even if you factor in his 2018 playoff run, Rozier does not profile as a starting point guard. With that being said, the 24-year-old does show some promise as a reserve guard who could ravage opposing backups with his pick-and-roll proficiency (0.93 points per possession, which ranked in the 74th percentile) whenever Young needs a breather.

If Rozier is available at the right price, the Hawks should bring him in. But that will depend on what the Celtics do with him first.