2019 NBA free agency: Ranking Klay Thompson’s best potential landing spots

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2019 NBA Free Agency
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2. Los Angeles Clippers

If Klay Thompson wants to take a crack at being the No. 1 option of a franchise, why not take a quick drive down to Los Angeles and help elevate the Los Angeles Clippers to a legitimate contender in the West?

Granted, Klay by himself would not justify the Clippers as the favorites to come out of the Western Conference, but Klay as the No. 1 option is something that many basketball fans have often wondered about.

Thompson would have free rein within an offense for the first time in his career, and just doing basic career trajectories, it’s not hard to assume that he would likely put up prime Ray Allen statistics while maintaining some top-level defensive intensity.

Klay Thompson may very well go down as the best shooting guard in NBA history to never win a Finals MVP or regular season MVP, but if he wanted to feel what it was like to fully take control of an offense, Doc Rivers and company have a seat waiting for him at the table.