2019 NBA free agency: 5 potential landing spots for DeMarcus Cousins

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4. Dallas Mavericks

Ever since Tyson Chandler helped the Dallas Mavericks to their first and only championship back in 2011, the franchise has searched high and low for a long-term answer at the center spot. From Samuel Dalembert to Andrew Bogut to even Chandler for a second run, it’s an issue Dallas hasn’t been able to resolve.

In the present day, the Mavs may not have a capable starting center, but they have two other positions locked down for the future. Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis are some of the best young talents the league has to offer, so why not bring in a ball-dominant center on a one-year contract who doesn’t figure into the franchise’s long-term plans?

In all seriousness, Dallas would be a great spot for Boogie to repair his on-court image. Luka and KP would make the game significantly easier with their own respective talents. The Rookie of the Year would set him up for easy looks, while the Unicorn would be able to stand as the rim protector DeMarcus has never proven to be.

Rick Carlisle is a great head coach, Mark Cuban is a highly-invested owner and the Mavericks are not expected to compete even for a playoff spot. The Dubs dynasty may have brought a glaring spotlight, but Dallas has managed to avoid the media buzz altogether during its basketball existence, even during its most prosperous era of the 2000s.

Such a transaction may seem like a detour for the Mavericks, but it could wind up paying massive dividends long-term. The organization has been unable to attract big-name free agents for years now. What better way to spread the great word than to open your services to a well-respected veteran and showcase all that would be at his and others’ disposal?

If Cousins is looking for close to 20 shots a game, this may not be the place for it. Should he find an interest in elevating a young team above expectations, Dallas and its low-stakes environment with what would still be a sizable workload is the way to go.