Detroit Pistons: 2019 NBA Draft grades

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Photo by Stephen Pellegrino/NBAE via Getty Images /
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The Pistons came into the night with three draft picks. They had two first round picks and one second-rounder. They finished the night with three new players, along with multiple future second round picks. With their pick at No. 15, they grabbed a developmental power forward who may be able to play some at the small forward spot, but he can at least backup Griffin off the bench, which is a spot they desperately need to add depth at.

After trading away the 45th pick, they moved up to 37 overall to select a sweet-shooting wing that should compete for minutes when he eventually comes stateside. The Pistons had a severe lack of depth on the wing, and it will grow even more severe if Wayne Ellington leaves in free agency. Sirvydis projects as a small forward that can shoot from 3-point range.

Their third pick gives them depth in their guard rotation. Bone is athletic, and he can shoot some, which can space the floor for Griffin. It also didn’t cost them a ton to get it. Their final two picks helped them maintain some financial flexibility as free agency approaches. Their goals have been to build around Griffin while freeing up cap space. They did that, so it’s not a bad draft night at all.

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Final Grade: C+