Complete grades for all 30 teams in the 2019 NBA Draft

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With the 2019 NBA Draft now behind us, it’s time to take a look back and assess how each of the 30 teams made out on draft night.

The 2019 NBA Draft has come and gone and the league is certainly in a stranger place because of it. While many teams were eager to get their hands on a prospect for the future, other organizations were operating with bigger goals in mind.

A whopping 17 trades were agreed upon on draft night this year, the most of any draft in the last five seasons. With movable assets and front offices looking to clear cap space for the coming free agency, it was quite the night of movement, one that is sure to be felt over the course of the next few weeks and even years.

Like any draft, not every team can walk away winners of the night. Quite a few did, with some having pulled off masterful trades that netted them more assets for the future. There are those, however, whose decision-making process may not have been the most sound looking back on things.

Such is the guessing game that is the NBA Draft. At a certain point, luck has to play a part in whatever decision a front office may decide to make. In reality, attempting to hand out grades for the night is a futile endeavor given how little we know about the future of these talented players. But until that day comes, assessing the past is all we have for now, and thus begins the annual grades for what was truly a hectic draft night.