Golden State Warriors: 3 biggest offseason questions

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Golden State Warriors
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The Golden State Warriors were defeated in the 2019 NBA Finals for just the second time in five seasons. Despite not finishing the season the way they’d hoped, they must now shift their focus to the upcoming offseason.

The Golden State Warriors became just the second team in NBA history to make it to the NBA Finals in five straight seasons. The last team to accomplish this feat was the Boston Celtics, who went to the Finals from 1957-66.

Unfortunately, the Warriors came up a bit short in their quest to win three consecutive titles. Thanks in part to injuries, the Toronto Raptors defeated the Warriors in six games to capture their first NBA title.

In hindsight, most people know that if the Warriors had been at full strength, they more than likely would’ve won their fourth title in five seasons. As Draymond Green accurately stated, that is how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Fresh off the disappointment of watching an opponent celebrate a championship on their home floor for the second time in five seasons, the Warriors must now shift their attention to the next step of the process. With that in mind, here’s a look at the biggest questions facing the Dubs as they prepare for the upcoming offseason.