Chicago Bulls: Ranking potential point guard options

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Patrick Beverley

In matters of the heart, some things aren’t always about logistics or money. Sometimes basketball players just want to come home. Is Patrick Beverley one of those players?

Beverley, or Pat-Bev, hails from Chicago and has expressed a desire to play for his hometown team. It’s actually quite simple: He’s the feisty leader and competitor that fits the mold head coach Jim Boylen is trying to build.

As a point guard, he won’t remind anyone of Magic Johnson, but he’ll never back down from a fight or a challenge. We haven’t forgotten about his willingness to guard Kevin Durant yet, have we? Defensively alone, he would be a great fit for a team that struggled mightily on that end of the floor.

He’s a better shooter than often given credit for, shooting 39.7 percent from deep in 2018-19, which would spread the floor for Porter, LaVine and Markkanen to operate.

An ideal situation would be Beverley coming in with a young guard like Darius Garland or Coby White he could mentor, much like he did with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander this past season. It might just be time to come home for Pat-Bev.