Brooklyn Nets: 3 potential 2019 NBA Draft trades

Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
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Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
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1. Trade up with the Oklahoma City Thunder

SNY.TV reported that Sean Marks used the terms “active and aggressive” to describe his approach this offseason. The Brooklyn Nets have already been active by completing a pre-draft trade with Atlanta and plan to be aggressive in their pursuit of Kyrie Irving and other stars in free agency.

On draft night, this trade would be a great way for Marks to further practice what he preaches. With Brooklyn in the market for an instant impact rookie, the team may need to leapfrog other contenders, specifically Portland and Philadelphia, if it wants to add an NBA-ready player in the first round.

Brooklyn may have its sights set on a prospect Iike Grant Williams or Kevin Porter Jr. and probably won’t feel comfortable sitting at 27 and hoping he falls. Attaching the first pick in the second round with pick No. 27 should be enough for the Nets to move up a half-dozen spots.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are in luxury tax peril and exchanging the 21st selection for two picks would allow them to use one to shed salary and the other to add a cheap rookie. Furthermore, Thunder GM Sam Presti, has been active on draft day in recent years, making OKC a logical trade partner.

Giving up pick No. 31 would be a tough pill to swallow, as it prevents Nets from adding another cost controlled asset. However, Brooklyn is beyond the point in its rebuild where it should be focusing on quantity over quality and would be foolish not to trade up if a high-level prospect such as Grant Williams is still on the board at No. 21.