2019 NBA free agency: 5 players to stay away from

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4. Derrick Rose

After years spent making his way back from a number of devastating injuries, Derrick Rose was one of the biggest surprises of the 2018-19 season. The former league MVP came off the bench for the Minnesota Timberwolves and put in 18.0 points and 4.3 assists in less than 28 minutes a night.

Even crazier than his counting numbers was his newfound prowess from beyond the arc. A career 30.4 percent shooter from beyond the arc, Rose canned a career-high 37.0 percent of his 2.9 attempts per game. For all the physical pain he’s had to endure on the court, seeing a former superstar make his way back was stunning.

Rose has played on one-year deals in each of the last two seasons. As any normal person would, he’s likely to search for some job security in the form of a long-term contract. Is there a team out there, however, that would be willing to give him one?

We all know Rose is heavily reliant on his physical traits to make his mark. His speed and athleticism aren’t what they once were, but he’s still able to explode to the basket on a pretty consistent basis these days.

He’ll be 31 before the 2019-20 season tips off with a body that will always give front offices cause for concerns. After all, for all he did last season, he still missed 31 games. The 3-point percentage was nice, but for a guy whose next highest mark is 34.0 percent achieved five years ago, there’s a possibility it may just be an outlier.

There will always be room in the NBA for players who can get buckets. In a league flooded with point guards, Rose simply presents too many questions and unknowns to take a risk on with plenty of other safer options at his position on the market.