5 reasons the Toronto Raptors won the 2019 NBA Finals

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5. 3-point shooting

The 3-point shot has been a weapon for the Dubs during their consecutive trips to the Finals over the past five seasons and this year was no exception. In fact, they finished this year’s playoff run with the best 3-point shooting percentage out of the 16 playoff teams, converting 37.2 percent of their attempts.

Meanwhile, the Raptors weren’t slouches in this department either. They were ranked fifth out the 16 playoff teams, knocking down 34.6 percent of their looks from beyond the arc. Based on the numbers, it was easy to see that the long ball was going to play a key role in this series.

Surprisingly, it would be Toronto that would rise to the occasion in this area. In each of their four wins in this series, the Raptors posted a better shooting percentage from behind the arc than Golden State. And being that the Dubs have the best long-range shooting backcourt tandem in the NBA, it would’ve been reasonable to presume that the Warriors would prevail.

While the Dubs shot an overall better percentage for the series, when it mattered most, the Raptors managed to beat the Warriors at their own game.