Golden State Warriors: They finally lost a championship…now what?

(Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images
Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images /

After falling to a strong opponent and devastating injuries in the 2019 NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors face an uncertain future heading into the offseason.

The Golden State Warriors finally crumbled, losing just their second championship in five years, and possibly capping one of the NBA’s greatest dynasties ever. It’s been a magical stretch, and the organization should be proud. Yet a sense of sadness looms when contemplating the future, especially with such horrible injury news. Everyone knows this offseason could be devastating, and fans can only hold their collective breath until free agency kicks off in July.

The year-long saga that was Kevin Durant‘s free agency still hangs about, creating a perpetual dark cloud above the Warriors locker room. The stories are wacky and varying, leaving no source more credible than the other. The league can only wait, as recruiting Durant will be a priority for several teams, even with his torn Achilles.

It would be folly to pretend the injury doesn’t change his situation, however, and the polls are split regarding the impact to his next contract. He’ll likely receive multiple offers for the max, although some squads may be hesitant.

Klay Thompson is also a free agent, leaving much speculation surrounding his mindset. He is more likely to return than Durant, but nobody can say for certain, as stories around him have also varied throughout the season. Thompson, too, suffered a major injury, tearing his ACL in Game 6. He’s been with the organization for eight seasons, and his departure would shake the league in a major way.

The waiting game will soon be over, and Golden State will have answers regarding its long-term roster. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect, as both Durant and Thompson will be absent for at least a spell.