Sacramento Kings: 5 potential targets in 2019 NBA free agency

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1. Kevin Durant

Dream big, right?

Kevin Durant and the Kings might represent a perfect match, even if no one views Sacramento as a realistic destination for him. Durant is looking for a team he can be the unquestioned star of this offseason. The Kings are looking for the superstar they have not had since Chris Webber (DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t count, for a multitude of reasons).

Kevin Durant would rapidly accelerate the Kings’ current rebuild. In return, he would get to play with two emerging stars in Bagley and Fox. If I were Durant’s agent I would tell him to stay far away from teams like the New York Knicks, who would potentially have nothing of substance in addition to him, Opting for an emerging team that, if it succeeds, will treat him like a conquering hero, makes a lot more sense than banking on unproven youngsters and the promise of cap space.

While the Kings are not usually mentioned as a potential destination for the former Texas Longhorn, Durant has hinted at his interest in the Kings. He mentioned before that he thinks the Kings are heading in a positive direction and that they are jelling well as a team. In addition, he said he thinks the Kings will be a team to be reckoned with soon and that he likes their style.

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The smart money would be betting on Durant to sign with either the Knicks or the Brooklyn Nets. However, when it comes to the most coveted free agent of the summer, the Kings should at the very least make him a contract offer and see what happens.