2019 NBA Draft: 5 prospects who can help a team right now

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1. Cam Johnson, SF, North Carolina

Height: 6’8” | Weight: 205 | Age: 23

Draft range: 16-24

Cam Johnson is the best shooter in the 2019 NBA Draft, bar none. This level of shooting precision is almost unheard of from someone as tall as he is:

People bemoan that Johnson is already 23 years old, but there is no shot on the floor that he can’t make. In today’s NBA, where shooting is the most valuable skill in the game, this guy is one of the best value picks outside of the lottery.

Similar to Williams, he brings an immense basketball IQ and intangibles to the table. The way he understands — and executes — his body control on all kinds of shots already puts him in the upper echelon of shooters in the entire world.

His height — 6’8.5” — makes getting any shot off easy, and although his wingspan (6’10”) leaves something to be desired, he is not nearly as slow as his doubters would have you believe.

Defensively, he knows how to use his size and even if he does have some bad habits, you hope coaching can turn those minor things, like standing too upright, around. He should do fine guarding power forwards in small-ball lineups.

The comp to fellow Tar Heel Justin Jackson (now on the Dallas Mavericks), doesn’t properly consider Johnson’s talent level either. Johnson has always been a better shooter than Jackson, and his frame is noticeably bigger.

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If Johnson doesn’t work out as a 25 minutes per game fifth starter or first forward off the bench, I’d be shocked. Of the five guys on this list, Johnson’s shooting is the most elite skill any of them possess. He might not turn out to be the best of this bunch, but he is the easiest (among easy guys) to envision contributing to a team next season.