Detroit Pistons: 3 goals for the 2019 offseason

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Photo by Brian Sevald/NBAE via Getty Images /
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3. Grab a player and not a project at 15

In the recent draft history, the Pistons have drafted guys like Henry Ellenson and Johnson with the hopes they could develop into a player that would fit their system in the modern NBA.

Both had the same issue.: They couldn’t shoot a jump shot. While Johnson was somewhat good on the defensive end to make up for it, you could not say the same for Ellenson. In this draft, with their limited window of Griffin’s prime, they can’t afford to waste a pick on a project player.

This draft has guys like Romeo Langford out of Indiana or Grant Williams out of Tenessee that may not have the highest ceilings but can contribute in Year 1 for the Pistons. Langford’s ability to get to the basket in the half-court is something that will be a tool he can use forever.

Williams’ effort and experience, as a three-year starter in college will allow him to play right away, and he could be a threat to start with the gap Detroit has at the small forward spot.

This draft has some projects that have huge upside, such as Bol Bol out of Oregon. If he’s able to get back healthy and maintain the production he showed during his brief college stint, he could become the second best player in this class and could threaten Zion Williamson for the top spot. However, he could take too long to develop at the NBA level where Detroit may not have the time to let that happen.