Denver Nuggets: 2018-19 player grades for Nikola Jokic

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Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images /


Jokic isn’t the most athletic center in the league. He’s not going to dazzle you with a ton of highlight-reel windmill dunks or anything else of that ilk, but the dude can still break out some interesting stuff now and again.

Against the Los Angeles Clippers, he got tricky off the board to himself for the easy layup.

What’s arguably Jokic’s best skill? It’s his passing. He’s so tall that he can see over the defense, and he has the strength to throw full-court dimes. He did just that to a streaking Jamal Murray when he caught the Clippers sleeping again.

Tie game with less than five seconds left, and you’re fighting off two defenders to get a rebound? That’s no problem when you’re the man among boys that Jokic looked like multiple times this past season. He saved the Nuggets from a disastrous loss to the Sacramento Kings with a tip-in at the buzzer.

In the playoffs, Jokic was doing a lot more scoring than he was passing, but that didn’t stop him from making a fool out of Portland Trail Blazers small forward Al Farouq-Aminu en route to a 3-point play for power forward Paul Millsap.