Boston Celtics: 5 takeaways from the 2018-19 NBA season

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2. An Al Horford contingency plan is necessary

On a team of impressive talent, ol’ “Average” Al Horford has a way standing out.

There is not a single facet of the game Al Horford is not above-average for his position at, save for rebounding. He is at least reasonably good at everything else, and because of that, the Celtics are a lethally versatile team.

And it is for that precise reason that Boston needs to begin planning for its post-Horford days, however soon that may be.

Al Horford is currently 32 years old. In June, he’ll turn 33. He has an opt-in for this coming season, though has hinted he may take a discount for a longer deal.

This is not to mention his knee issues, which have plagued him since he joined the Celtics. All four games Horford missed since early March were due to a lingering knee issue. As he ages, it’s fair to wonder how his knee will hold up, which, as a big man in the NBA, deals with a lot of wear and tear.

Boston needs to prepare for when Horford can’t play over 30 minutes a game at the same efficiency he is at now, and for when he is no longer wearing Celtics green on the court. His game isn’t predicated on athleticism, so he can still play for a long time.

However, who knows what will happen with his health or contract situation? The day when Horford can’t be what he is now is approaching, and the Celtics need to find a replacement that does not sacrifice their versatile identity.