Utah Jazz: 5 options for pick No. 23 in 2019 NBA Draft

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Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images /

4. Brandon Clarke

Staying at the power forward position, another player that could be on Utah’s radar at pick No. 23 — if he somehow fell this far — is Brandon Clarke out of Gonzaga.

One thing the Jazz tend to lack outside of Donovan Mitchell is a player that is a pure athlete and can have an impact on the game at any moment.

Utah has playmakers that can take over the game, such as Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, but it could definitely use someone with the athleticism like Clarke has the ability to add to the roster.

The 6’8 big man” displayed numerous times throughout his collegiate career that he is a player that can finish at the basket and raise some eyebrows in the process. Defensively, he’s also the type of player that would fit into Utah’s scheme — one that already contains one of the top defensive groups in the NBA — with his ability to protect the rim and hold opponents in check with his quickness.

One knock on Clarke among people analyzing players entering the draft is the fact that he is 22 years old, which is often viewed as a weakness right off the bat. Many also criticized his wingspan and questioned whether or not he would be able to establish a consistent jump shot.

If the Jazz are looking for more of a player that has the ability to develop into a playmaker and take over the game with his athleticism and defense, Clarke could be a solid option at pick No. 23.

Granted, you need to be more than just an athlete to thrive in the NBA, but it’s something that you can’t teach a player and it’s a trait Clarke certainly possesses.