New York Knicks: 3 potential trades for Anthony Davis

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Trade No. 3

It is no news that Zion Williamson was not over the moon after finding out that he will be spending the early stages of his career in New Orleans. It seems like he had his heart set on playing for the Knicks or another promising young team.

As a result, the New Orleans Pelicans are about to draft possibly the next big thing in the NBA, Zion Williamson, who is clearly unhappy with the outcome of the draft. Then, they’re given the chance to trade and acquire his Duke buddy, R.J. Barrett.

Barrett will most likely be available to be selected with the third overall pick, assuming point guard phenom Ja Morant goes second to the Memphis Grizzlies, who are clearly in rebuild mode. That third pick could be the decisive point between having a happy or unhappy superstar.

In addition to the third pick, the Pelicans also receive Dennis Smith Jr. who could solve their recurring point guard issues. Jrue Holiday is a borderline All-Star and is coming off a career season playing at the shooting guard spot, but he does not seem to like running the point.

Mitchell Robinson could be the team’s defensive anchor for years to come after finishing his rookie season averaging 2.4 blocks in just 20.6 minutes per game.

On the Knicks’ point of view, well… they receive a generational talent who could be their go-to guy on a championship-caliber team. Davis has already proved to be a top-tier player in the league, and is now looking to be in a winning situation.

Oh, the irony. The worst team in the NBA being a winning environment? Well, once you consider the amount of cap space bound to be up for grabs by players like Kevin Durant, veterans are going to be marching in, taking pay cuts in order to wear a Knicks jersey next season.