Phoenix Suns: 3 takeaways from Monty Williams’ press conference

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Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images /
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1. Robert Sarver earned Monty’s trust…now he has to keep it

The Robert Sarver question was unavoidable, and Monty Williams didn’t shy away from it. Suns fans have heard that Sarver wants to turn a new leaf dozens of times before, and little has changed.

For now though, the mere idea of creating stability is reassuring.

"“In my conversations with Mr. Sarver, I saw someone who didn’t duck tough questions,” Williams said. “We both had tough questions for each other and in this day and age where people throw each other under the bus, make excuses, blame — I didn’t see that.”"

Phoenix will be entering Devin Booker’s fifth NBA season with its fifth head coach in that span. Booker has played with over 100 teammates since he first entered the league, and has seen two general managers in charge during that time.

James Jones was given the full-time GM title, and now he’s made his first head coaching hire. Jones brought Kelly Oubre Jr. to the valley with a great trade that jettisoned an apathetic Trevor Ariza, and turned a washed-up Ryan Anderson into Tyler Johnson.

Even so, the Suns’ front office won’t catch any slack anytime soon, and for good reason. As long as Sarver is in charge, there’s always reason for concern. However, if Jones and Williams remain on the same page, and are actually good at their jobs, there’s a chance an impetuous and intrusive owner won’t feel the need to revert back to bad habits and intervene for the umpteenth time.

"“I saw a man who really wants to bring success to this city and I mean that with all of my heart, or I wouldn’t have come,” Williams said. “James and I are a lot alike in that we just want to do the right things. I saw that with Mr. Sarver. For him to take ownership of his past was huge for me.”"

That’s right folks, one of the worst owners in the NBA played a prominent role in bringing one of the summers coveted head coaching targets to Phoenix. The Suns and their goat poop-ridden offices were more appealing than the glamorous vacancy of the Los Angeles Lakers … thanks to the guy who once put a live goat in those offices in the first place.

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Here’s hoping that trust between coach and owner lasts, and that he actually gives the new foundations a chance to stand on their own.