Los Angeles Lakers: Big names to avoid during 2019 NBA free agency

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Jimmy Butler, SG, Philadelphia 76ers

Just no. Please no.

Not long ago, I would have been open to the idea of the Lakers signing Jimmy Butler. However, seeing how the last couple of years have gone, it’s obvious Los Angeles needs to avoid Jimmy Buckets — especially with the inner turmoil they’re already burdened with.

Butler is a cancer. The guy is a great basketball player, but he turns an NBA locker room into a snake pit the second he walks through the door. We saw it happen in Chicago, and then in Minnesota. Things haven’t gone as expected in Philly either. What makes you think he’ll suddenly be a team player who can co-exist with an ego like LeBron?

It won’t happen. It’s impossible. So put the idea out of your head right now, because the Lakers will avoid Butler if they know what’s good for them (questionable at this point).

Would Butler bring top-tier talent to Los Angeles? Absolutely. On the court, would he be the elite scoring option James needs at his side? Most definitely. Is he willing to be the sidekick on a team that may or may not have much hope of contending in 2019-20? Not a chance.

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If the Lakers do decide to sign Butler, set your expectations woefully low. You thought this past season sucked? A James-Butler pairing might yield more wins, but the inevitable disappointment at season’s end (and ceaseless drama along the way) would be even more painful.