Los Angeles Lakers: Big names to avoid during 2019 NBA free agency

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When 2019 NBA free agency begins in just over a month, the Los Angeles Lakers should avoid these big-name free agents like the plague.

Apart from the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery, it’s been an ugly last month or so for the Los Angeles Lakers. Between Magic Johnson‘s unexpected resignation, a failed head coaching search and the embarrassing amounts of dysfunction that have come to light, it’s been an offseason to forget.

However, the Lakers could turn things around in the coming months. First off, they’re now in possession of the fourth overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. A pleasant surprise, they now have the ammunition to make a deal for a star or land one of the top prospects of the 2019 draft class.

Realistically, though, it could be free agency that turns the tide for one of this past season’s biggest disappointments.

As luck would have it, the Lakers have plenty of cap space to spend. Furthermore, there could be plenty of top talent ripe for the picking. While the recent comments from Magic could leave a black eye that scares pondering players away, we always know that the Lakers are a suitor worth taking seriously when it comes to free agency.

And yet, there are at least a few names Los Angeles should avoid when July rolls around.

With just over a month before the start of free agency, here’s your early look at a few big-name free agents the Lakers should avoid when the market opens on July 1. That is, unless LeBron James allows them passage into the City of Angels…