Cleveland Cavaliers: 5 sleeper picks at No. 5 in the 2019 NBA Draft

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2. Darius Garland

In a draft class filled with average offensive players, Darius Garland is perhaps one of the only prospects with elite scoring ability. Appearing in only five games for Vanderbilt, Garland averaged 16.2 points per game on 53.7 percent shooting from the floor and a 47.8 percent clip from the 3-point line.

His smooth jump shot helps open up the floor for the rest of his game. He is a skilled ball-handler who uses his speed to get into the lane. Garland displayed a soft floater and versatility around the rim, always finding a way to finish over taller opponents.

Unfortunately, we were robbed of seeing most of his game as a meniscus injury in his left knee caused him to miss the majority of his freshman season. Still, Garland stands as a top prospect in the draft and is likely to be taken early in the order.

The issue for the Cleveland Cavaliers is that since they already have an undersized point guard in Collin Sexton, it might be problematic to draft another short guard. At 6’2″, Garland is a great scorer but isn’t much of a playmaker, averaging only 2.6 assists per game. This doesn’t seem like a good fit for the Cavaliers, so if they decide to draft him, it likely means someone is being traded.