2019 NBA Draft Profile: Ja Morant

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(Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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(Photo by Ben Solomon/NCAA Photos via Getty Images) /


Ja Morant possesses NBA-ready size and athleticism. At 6’3″ with a 6’7″ wingspan, he is the ideal size for a modern-day NBA point guard. With elite speed, quickness and change of direction, Morant is a nightmare in the open court. In transition, his dynamic athleticism and unique tool set allow him to be an absolute dynamo comparable to only Russell Westbrook.

Ja Morant is a high-level scorer. His 24.5 points per game were towards the top in the nation in 2018. He can score at all three levels even though his 3-point shot could use some work. The use of his elite quickness and excellent handle open him up to get to the basket at will. He is relentless when he gets downhill. The continued development of his mid-range jumper will make him even deadlier in the future. He’ll always have the ability to keep defenses completely off-balance due to the respect of his driving ability and playmaking prowess.

He blends excellent court vision and precise, creative passing ability to create opportunities for teammates. His 10.0 assists per game, made him the first player in nearly 25 years to dish out double-digit assists — a feat made more impressive by the low-end talent he was surrounded by. Ja Morant makes everyone around him better, between what he does on the court from a basketball standpoint and from a leadership standpoint.

On the defensive end, Morant shines on tape as well. He plays a smart, controlled defensive game. His ability to defend without fouling or committing reckless gambles shows a lot of a maturity and polish for a player of his age. One thing that stands out is how incredible he is in the half-court at both ends of the floor.

He also rebounds at a high rate for a guard.

Every aspect of his game is still developing, which is scary since he might be the most NBA-ready player in this draft. He will continue to get even better, especially has his jump shot develops.