Detroit Pistons: 5 keys to series vs Milwaukee Bucks

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Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

The Detroit Pistons squeaked into the playoffs after they finished 4-6 in their final 10 games. How do they match up with the Milwaukee Bucks?

The Detroit Pistons made it back to the playoffs. They finished the season 41-41, and, after having a good shot at the six seed, they slid down to the eighth seed for a first-round matchup with the Eastern Conference champion Milwaukee Bucks.

A similar situation happened in 2015-16 when they made it into the playoffs, only to get swept out by the eventual champion Cleveland Cavaliers. Can they make this year different?

They draw the Bucks that have been arguably the best and most consistent team in the NBA all year long. The Bucks finished with a record of 60-22, and they were the only team to get to 60 wins this year.

They have a player, in Giannis Antetkounmpo, that could quite possibly be named the NBA MVP. Their bench is also one of the better groups in the league if they’re able to get back to being semi-healthy.

The Pistons have looked like a borderline top-10 team this year when they’re firing on all cylinders, but that has been really inconsistent. Meanwhile, the Bucks were crushing teams so bad that Giannis only had to play 32.8 minutes per game as the team’s leading player in minutes.

The Bucks swept the season series of four games against the Pistons with only one game being decided by less than 10 points. Can the Pistons flip that script?

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