Cleveland Cavaliers: 5 takeaways from the 2018-19 NBA season

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(Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images).

It’s time to reflect on the 2018-19 NBA season for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Let’s break down five takeaways from the team this year.

The 2018-19 season is coming to an end for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It is unfortunate that the team did not finish with more success, but it has been a season of growth for Cleveland. Despite a poor record this year, the Cavaliers are on the right path towards rebuilding the franchise.

Heading into the season, many fans were hopeful that the loss of LeBron James wouldn’t send the Cavaliers into a devastating fall from grace. With Kevin Love returning to the team as well as other veteran players, some people believed the Cavs could reach the NBA Playoffs without James.

Sadly, things all came crashing down for Cleveland when Love got injured and the rest of the team failed to connect together on the court. It quickly became clear that losing James would have a long-lasting effect on the franchise.

Now that the team is nearing the finish line we can look back at the journey they’ve endured. The Cavaliers have battled through an entire season and are on their way to getting back on their feet.  Let’s analyze five valuable takeaways from the 2018-19 NBA season.

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