Greatest unsung hero in every NBA team’s history

Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart/Allsport
Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart/Allsport /
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Udonis Haslem, Miami Heat
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These NBA players may not have put up big numbers or racked up All-Star appearances, but they were among the most important to play for their franchise.

No matter which team we cheer for, no matter if you are a part of sports media or if you’re merely a fan, we were all drawn to this industry for the same reason. We all marvel at athletes that can achieve feats that we could only hope to accomplish on our best days.

Whether it’s watching someone hit a ball 400 feet, throw one 50 yards, or outrunning or overpowering an entire field of other top-notch athletes with the ease that it takes any of us to pick up the remote to record these moments for posterity, we have all experienced at least one moment or seen one man or woman who left us in awe.

In particular, the NBA has given us an assortment of players how have burrowed countless dunks, passes, game-winning shots and star-making moments into our brains for the last 72 years. While the league has given a platform for some of the greatest players in the world to showcase their skills, it has also seen big moments come from otherwise unassuming players.

These players weren’t the biggest, the fastest, the tallest, the strongest, or the most skilled. However, they maximized their talent to leave an indelible mark on the NBA and the franchises they played for.

Just as each team has had at least one star player suit up for their squad, they have also brought in at least one role player that became a fan favorite. This could be due to either a singular play that brought their team success or a consistency that the fans appreciated over time. This list hopes to bring some of those unsung heroes to the light.